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    Sourdough Mexican coffee buns

    Once again we decided to bake something nice together. Me and my friends Liduš and Zuzka prepared a little challenge for you. – #kavove_kolace. Today’s speciality are Rotiboys, Pappa Roti, Kopi Roti or Mexican coffee buns. Sweet buttery buns with coffee crust on top. Here is my version with tangzhong and pumpkin spice coffee crust..well, the Fall is almost knocking on the door, so little bit of PSL reminder never hurts😁. I used sourdough, but if you like to use c. yeast or stiff starter Liduš  and Zuzka prepared their recipes too (links are at the bottom of the page). Ingredients for the dough (20 buns):100g active wheat starter (white/bread…